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NEW UPDATE: Planning officers at MK Council have recommended refusal of the Primark plans.  However, the decision rests with our elected representatives on the Council's Development Control Committee (DCC).  They will approve or refuse permission  at the special DCC meeting on Thursday, 21st February. The meeting is held in public at the Civic Offices, starting at 7pm - please attend!  It is also important that residents express their views to their Ward and Parish Councillors without delay!

Primark Plans - a disaster for CMK

Why the CMK Town Council strongly objects to the Primark plans:

  • It will demolish Secklow Gate Bridge, cutting the heart of the city centre in two
  • It will destroy the market, putting the livelihoods of over 400 people and family businesses at risk
  • It will cut off transport routes through the busiest part of the city forever
  • It will replace traffic free pedestrian walkways under the Bridge with hazardous zebra crossings across MK’s busiest bus lanes
  • It will destroy irreplaceable public infrastructure, including dozens of 40 year old Plane trees, parts of Midsummer Blvd and damage the Listed shopping building

And all this destruction is needless – the Food Centre and other vacant sites nearby would easily house a new Primark

To email your Ward Councillors, go to www.writetothem.com

To contact your Parish / Town Councillors, find their website and contact info here.

See our recent Press Releases: 

"A new report prepared for MK Council by independent experts has slammed thecentre:mk’s plans to move MK Market onto an inferior site as part of their scheme to build a Primark over Market Square in Central Milton Keynes...."  read more

Read what English Heritage has to say:

"Our considered opinion is that the proposals would substantially harm the significance this building and that the public benefits associated with the proposals are less than substantial. We believe that the proposals are tailored to the needs of a specific retailer and do not meet the long-term needs for retail expansion in Milton Keynes, nor do they enable this expansion to take place...."  read more

Find out what other residents are saying:

"Last year, when I read the developer's PR, I was initially enthusiastic about the plans.  A Primark in MK, an improved market and a new public square - what is there not to like?  However, having taken some time to review the proposals in more detail I now fear that the reality is likely to be very different and quite unwelcome...read more

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